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"Watch and listen what our testimonial has to say.

Fiorella Migliore. She is of Sicilian origins, her great-grandparents emigrated to South America from Comiso in the first years of the twentieth century.

She was born in Paraguay ( like her parents) and she currently lives in Asuncion, the capital.

She won the title of Miss Italia in the World in 2008.







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La Storia Vergognosa / The Shameful Story

The film, duration 75m, 35mm film, release planned for the end of 2017. Currently in pre-production.



A street performer and a storyteller travel through Sicily preparing a show based on Adolfo Rossi's 1890 journal on emigration to America.

They collect stories of men and women who faced the dangers of a trans-Atlantic crossing to reach what they saw as a utopian land of freedom and wealth. The search uncovers a page in history that has been one of the most suppressed, about the first huge wave of emigration. While a distant journey now, it becomes a metaphor for contemporary journeys of hope.

The question we ask: Why did we forget?



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Congratulations, you have chosen the DVD of our previous “1893.L’inchiesta" (1893. The Investigation).

In addition, we are offering the opportunity to download the music track “A dorso di mulo” (On Donkey-Back) produced by the Italian musician Massimo Zamboni, author of the complete soundtrack. (Check out to learn more.)

And of course, you will receive all the perks listed above.



$ 55.00 - SWEET REWARD!

Dedicated to all food lovers!

Wanting to delight the finest palates, we decided to send you via email a Fabulous Voucher to order your basket of delicacies from Sicily containing a 500gr jar of honey, 1 kg almond paste of the sweetest selected almonds, and a bottle of local DOC wine.

You will also receive all the perks listed above!


$ 109.00 - AS A PHOTOGRAPHER...

Are you passionate about photography?

This is the perfect gift for you and your friends. You will live a unique experience when you become a photographer on our set. Come and try your skills! But that's not all.

You will also receive two author photographs in limited editions, “Nella Nebbia” and “Ritratti d’Artista” (Portraits of the Artist) you will have your choice of : Julian Beck, Pina Bausch, Gian Maria Volonté, shot by the Sardinian photo-reporter, Tatiano Maiore.

Naturally, all the previous perks are also yours.




Choose your favorite certified antique print from a select, limited edition collection!

Also, all of the above described perks will be yours!




Fantastic, you won it all!

We are happy to offer you all the perks mentioned above and even something more precious: our special invitation to spend a day on the set with the crew in action. Furthermore, we have arranged for you an unforgettable stay in an historic country house for 3 nights and 2 days. Enjoy!

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Imo Ekanem

Manager of our Crowdfunding page, Imo's fields of expertise are Marketing, Social Media and Internal Communications, with experience at the German earthTV and the Berlin International Delphic Games.

Currently, Imo collaborates with the Max Mara Fashion Group and Fashion For Charity Nigeria while also assisting the Dynamite Genius Company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Holding a Masters Degree in Economics and Law, and in Public Administration from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia in Italy, Imo has studied abroad as a scholarship holder in the Erasmus Program at the WSB University of Torun, Poland. Born in Nigeria, she grew up and lives in Italy. mobile +39.331.2617968



Help us to produce this film!

Join us in reconstructing a history that would have lifted the hearts of our grandparents, and grown our grandchildren's awareness, vigilance, and appreciation of both struggle and progress.

History never belongs to one people alone but is the heritage of all of us, helping us comprehend the present and to plan a better future.







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