"Movies and the world of the Southern peasant: From the silents to the ethnographic documentary and beyond"


We will be presenting a cinematic review of the peasant South, as seen through the eyes and imaginations of the directors who have formed and defined the Italian ethnographic documentary.


Starting from the silent films, we will follow the documentary's history to the present with special reference to work accomplished in the 1950's by Ernesto de Martino, the most influential Italian ethnographer, and by other directors, both male and female, whose work he inspired.

Organized by Factory Film, this presentation intends to provide the cinematic and ethnographic context of "The Shameful Story".

In this review, we experience, through the ethnographic cinema of Luigi di Gianni, Vittorio De Seta, Gianfranco Mingozzi, and Cecilia Mangini, the countryside, the fishing districts, the farms about to be modernized, the sometimes magical, almost religious atmosphere of a South that has disappeared. And we note how the comments and writings of Pier Paolo Pasolini, Leonardo Sciascia, Salvatore Quasimodo, to cite just a few, have contributed to the "preservation" of this memory. Work that allows us to investigate the roots of Southern culture, its particularity within its Italian and European context, and its traces in the present.

Our review proposes a "journey of (re-) dscovery" by means of documentaries from the collections of RAI, Aamod, visual fragments from the early twentieth century, and the photographs of pioneer "picture peddlers", taken with their "magic lanterns" on improvised tri-pods during their travels to fairs and festivals. We reconstruct the history and production of the Italian ethnologic and ethnographic documentary, while uncovering the most surprising and perturbing aspects of our Southern society.


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Presentation of the film project

"The Shameful Story", our key film project


  • CATANIA, JANUARY 30, 2017 \\ News Category

Presentation of the project on Monday, January 30, 2017 at Biblioteca Comunale Vincenzo Bellini - Sala Mediateca.. Participating were Anna Quartarone, Library director Biblioteca Comunale V. Bellini - Nella Condorelli, director of the film project and producer -, Maria Lombardo, journalist "La Sicilia" - Francesco Foti, actor - Elisabetta Sciotto, office film production.

  • ROVIGO, JANUARY 20, 2017 \\ News Category

Presentation of the project on Friday, January 20, 2017, at Archivio di Stato di Rovigo - Sala Sichirollo, Rovigo. Under of the patronage Provincia di Rovigo, Comune di Lendinara, Sindacato Giornalisti del Veneto, Associazione Polesana della Stampa. Paticipating were Nella Condorelli, director and producer - Luigi Contegiacomo, dchef of Archivio di Stato di Rovigo - Maurizio Romanato, secretary Associazione Polesana della Stampa - Nicola Gasparotto, director of the Cittadella della Cultura di Lendinara - Imo Ekanem, social media manager Crowdfunding campaign. Institutional Greetings Francesca Zeggio, assessora alla Cultura del Comune di Lendinara - Donato Sinigaglia, president of the Associazione Polesana della Stampa .


  • ERICE, MAY 20 2016 \\ News Category

Presentation of the project on Friday, May 20, 2016 at 11:50 a.m. at Villa San Giovanni in Erice, Trapani. In the course of the Fourth International Conference on Mediterranean Studies, The Mediterranean as Lived and Dreamed by Insiders and Outsiders, organized by Professor Antonio C. Vitti, Indiana University, with the collaboration of Anthony Julian Tamburri, Jerry Pilarski and Pinola Savalli. Participating were Nella Condorelli, author and director, Aberto Giombetti, Director of the Italian Confederation of Farmers, Enrica Rosso, leading actress.

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