Translation by Laura Klinkon, Rochester, N.Y., USA

The Shameful Story

A film documentary

Between 1890 and 1920, more than five million individuals leave Italy for America. It is the first large migratory wave in Italian history, an enormous flux—the vast majority, men and women from Sicily.

They are farmers, day laborers, minor tradesmen, mechanics.... Labeled non-white in Ellis Island registers, they will be neither loved nor tolerated.

They will work for hunger wages, doing work that the other immigrants--Polish, Irish--don't care to do. Collecting garbage, cleaning sewers.., the more fortunate hired seasonally by textile companies, at building sites, or in Western railroad yards.

They are buttressing American progress. What they left behind.... Was it only hunger and misery?  What they brought with them.... Only nostalgia?


  How many stories are hidden in the great saga of Italian immigration during the first part of the twentieth century?   



   The Shameful Story

                               La Storia Vergognosa

        A documentary movie about the Mass Migration to the Americas

          in the early 1900s, told through a return journey of today













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