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AAMOD Historical Archive of the Labor and Democratic Movement

Recognized by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage Activities and Tourism as a “film of cultural interest” - General Directorate of cinema MIBACT ( Decree of October 2016)

Co-financed by the Program Sensi Contemporaei 2016 Special Office for Cinema and Audiovisuals / Sicilia Film Commission Sicilian Region ( Decree of February 2017)

In collaboration with

Palermo State Archive

Rovigo State Archive

Filitalia International & Foundation

With the patronage of

Ambasciata d'Italia in Paraguay

FNSI Italian Federation of the Press

Special Thanks

NYWIFT New York Women in Film and Television

with shooting support

City of Castiglione di Sicilia

City of Comiso

City of Alia

City of Lendinara

Murgo Tenuta San Michele srl

Diffusione Tessile srl

Carla B. Catania

Written and Directed by

Nella Condorelli


Enrica Rosso

Fiorella Migliore

Matilde Politi

Francesco Foti

Evelyn Famà

Carmelo Rappisi

I Joculares

with friendly participation

Leo Gullotta

with the musical contribution of the percussionist

Alfio Antico


Bruno Urso  Studio Nois


Vincenzo Condorelli AIC

Original Music

Massimo Zamboni


Giuseppe Schillaci

Shooting Assistent

Nunzio Gringemi

Costume designer

Maria Condorelli

Isabella Fichera


Antonella Sceila Muzzetta


Laura Klinkon, Rochester, USA

Currently in pre-production

Theatrical release September 2018

Factory Film

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Film Production Office in Sicily

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the production

fb The Shamwful Story. A film project


independent productions

Founded in 2010 by journalist and documentarist Nella Condorelli and director of photography, Vincenzo Condorelli, both with long experience accumulated in this sector, Factory Film is an independent production company based in Sicily and active in the Mediterranean area.   

It is a member of AGPCI, an Association of Young Independent Cinematographic Producers.

It prioritizes the production of fiction films and documentaries of a social, historic, and investigative nature. It actively promotes the partcipation of young talent in workshops, summer school, festivals, project scholarships, market exhibitions, and international events for independent producers.

It is a partner in projects of excellence finalized as part of youth education in the film and audiovisual industries, and it has on its active list, prestigious collaborations with associations in the international film school field. In this area, Vincenzo Condorelli, graduate of the London Film School and member of the Directional Council of AIC (The Italian Association of Authors of Cinematic Photography), has conceived and is artistic director of the event "Terre di Cinema " (Lands of the Cinema) International Cinematographers' Days,

Since 2010, in the area of executive producton, Factory Film has positioned itself as a point of reference in the area of publicity for foreign productions and particularly Indian productions that choose to be filmed in Italy.

Today the company can count on a close network of professional partnerships and solid relationsips in this sector with several of the most important production companies from the Indian subcontinent.   

Factory Film is also involved in organizing conferences, cultural events, literary and cinematographic exhibitions at every phase, from preparation to development, graphics and coordinated images, printing to PR, carefully attending to every detail.

From 2007 to 2013 it has produced "Women in the city" an independent international gender magazine, the first Italian web magazine of international scope geared to gender, conceived and directed by Nella Condorelli, vice-directress Isabelle Fougère, and supported by the Ministry of Rights and Equal Opportunity.

In 2012 the magazine received the Premio Calamaio for cross-media journalism and the 2012 Sasso Marconi prize for Great Communicators of Our Time.


1893. The Investigation

 synopsis and direction

Nella Condorelli

actors Enrica Rosso,

Francesco Foti

with the participation of

Federico Price Bruno and his donkey Giovanni

music Massimo Zamboni

drawings Nico Bonomolo

director of cinematography

Vincenzo Condorelli AIC

editing M.Cristina Sansoni and Giuseppe Pietro Tornatore

storyteller Paolo Zarcone

production Factory Film with the collaboration of Mibact - Mise -Sicilian Region - Sensi Contemporanei - Sicilia Film Commission.

Prize Bandiera Verde  (Green Flag) Agrifilm 2015 Confederation

of Italian Farmers


synopsis, Nella Condorelli and Costanza Quatriglio

director Costanza Quatriglio

music Theo Teardo

editing Letizia Caudullo

director of cinematography Vincenzo Condorelli AIC

co-production Factory Film, DocLab, Istituto Luce Cinecittà, with RAI Cinema

film of national interest MIBACT

The Cipputi Prize 2014

The Nastri D'Argento Prize 2015

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